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Creative Writing

Writing is one of my passions, and perhaps my favorite area of teaching and tutoring. I am an avid poet and memoirist, and I write the occasional short story or essay. I’ve been published more than a few times in online journals, and have won several writing contests. I’ve been a feature poet at bookstore readings and have learned poise and polished my public speaking skills through these experiences.

I adore teaching writing from the early grades up. I have a knack for encouraging reluctant writers and love helping children discover the power and magic of creating stories from their imaginations. I enjoy exposing students to the English language with its rich vocabulary, and I love to help them gain comfort and confidence in using and understanding language in creative ways. I particularly love teaching students to write poetry and personal narratives. Once bitten by the writing bug, I love to help children polish and build upon their drafts to produce unique published books, often using Bare Book products (blank bound books). I have helped numerous students discover their inner writer, and have helped nurture some fantastic pieces over the years.

I also enjoy teaching the more technical, non-fiction side of writing: expository papers and essays, persuasive pieces, and reports. My professional library background provides the groundwork for all phases of non-fiction writing, from research to final product.
Creative writing tutor

In 2011, I taught a summer enrichment class in poetry collage. The first three days comprised a poetry workshop; next, the poems were incorporated into paintings, creating collages. The students’ work hung in a local gallery for a month along with my own paintings. It was a thrill to welcome them and their families at the opening event. Writing workshops work well in small groups as well as individually.

Over the years, some of my most reluctant writers developed the hobby of writing poetry and stories in high school. You can imagine how satisfying this is to me as a writer and teacher. I would love to nurture this gift in you or your child.


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