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I am a credentialed teacher and tutor and hold a CLAD Multiple Subject Credential. I stumbled upon teaching inadvertently, while assisting in my son’s kindergarten class. I was moved by the experience of observing students in the act of learning! I have twelve consecutive years as a first, third and fourth-grade teacher. I have built a reputation for being calm, patient, creative, and multi-faceted in my teaching style. I understand and respect the concept of multiple intelligences and am adept at teaching students with a wide range of learning styles.

For the past two years, I have managed my own tutoring business, in Half Moon Bay, and since June 2012, here in Petaluma. I have worked with a wide range of students in grades K through 8, from those needing remedial help to home schoolers and gifted students who crave enrichment, both individually and in small groups. I enjoy working with high school students in writing and literature as well. Research and organizational skills are another strong area for me. Building skills in this area is a huge help for success in secondary school and beyond.

The Humanities are my strong suit. I am equipped to tutor many subjects, including all aspects of reading, grammar, creative and expository writing. I enjoy helping students with decoding, comprehension, and “reading between the lines” to interpret literature. I love teaching Spanish and ESL, and have worked with several newly-arrived Hispanic students. I enjoy engaging them and their families via a team approach.

I adore teaching math, in a creative, hands-on style that maximizes fun and understanding while reducing drudgery. I can help your child relax around math, and find playful ways to master material using mnemonic devices. I’ve created a multi-step sequence for solving word problems. Math is a delightful puzzle! Let me help you overcome your math anxiety!  The interactive science and social studies units that I’ve developed are fun and reinforce learning through empirical experience. Unifying subjects across curricula creates deeper levels of understanding and appreciation, and teaches children to think critically.

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