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About Sandra

Sandra Anfang is a teacher, private tutor, and poet who relocated to Petaluma in 2012. After a twenty-five-year career as a reference librarian, she earned a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a CLAD emphasis in 1998. After teaching in the upper elementary grades for fourteen years, she started her tutoring business in the mid-coast town of Half Moon Bay.

Sandra has tutored students from first grade through adulthood in most subjects, with an emphasis on Reading, Writing, and Language Arts. She is skilled at helping students internalize effective organizational strategies for research, time management, and lifelong mastery. Sandra enjoys teaching Spanish and beginning French to children and adults, and has created an interactive ESL program suitable for individuals or small groups. She specializes in creating customized learning programs for each student, based on his or her learning challenges and needs.

Sandra is also a prolific poet who enjoys sharing her work at local venues and in print. She loves to ignite the writing muse in children and adults. Many of her former students have continued to develop as creative writers.

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