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May 30, 2012

To whom it may concern,

I first met Sande Anfang when she was a teacher at Sea Crest School in Half Moon Bay.  Although neither of my sons had her for fourth grade, I really wish they had.  She had a reputation as a very creative teacher.  She was well known for making students who were not very interested in writing, turn into students who loved to write.

When I began home schooling two of my three sons two years ago, I was having trouble having my fourth grader do any sort of writing.  He was extremely intimidated by the writing process and I did not know what to do.  One of my good friends suggested I send him to Sande for tutoring.  Both of her children had Sande at Sea Crest and she just adored Sande.  In fact, I believe she requested Sande for her younger child.  She thought that Sande could help my son with writing.  He went to Sande once per week and ended up loving writing.  He is back in school and is a wonderful writer.  I ended up doing the same thing with my younger son this year and the same thing happened.  I had difficulty getting him to write anything at the beginning of the school year so I sent him to Sande.  Now he loves to write and even writes stories at home in his free time.  This absolutely amazes me.
I highly recommend Sande for tutoring in any subject, but especially writing. 

Amy Moore


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Persons,

Sandra Anfang has been tutoring our daughter, Sophie, for the past few months.  She has been helping her in many areas including reading, decoding, comprehension, and organization skills. Sophie is making improvements in these areas and I feel Ms. Anfang has been an integral part of her progress. 

Sande was very adept at identifying Sophie’s decoding weaknesses, and how that affects her other areas of study such as reading comprehension, etc. We are impressed with Sandra’s level of knowledge, professionalism, and coaching ability.

Throughout this process Sandra has been patient, kind, and motivating.  Sophie’s level of confidence has improved considerably.  We are touched by her commitment and dedication to our daughter.  She even attended  one of Sophie’s recent performances of Seussical at Cinnabar.  We feel Sandra would be a great asset to any school.  We would love to see her teaching at Wilson.  


Sally & Rick Warner


April 15, 2010


I just read the announcement that you are leaving Sea Crest after this school year. I wanted to touch base with you (in case I do­n’t see you at school) to let you know how much you gave Carlo and Francesca when they were in fourth grade. You inspired them both, gave them great tools (particularly in writing), and made them think about the world around them, where they fit in society and the fact that one person can have an influence.

For Francesca in particular, you gave her confidence in an area that has always been challenging for her, and you let her know that she has a writing voice. You also got her interested in poetry (remember that poetry contest?), which is her favorite type of writing now. I have to admit I enjoy her writing (although she won’t show me the one she wrote for Sheila about me being a beer drinker!).

You helped Carlo turn the corner in his attitude about writing. He hated it in third grade! He went from crying about having to write in third grade to really enjoying it in fourth grade. You gave him great coaching and believe it or not, his Honors English class at SI has been his favorite class this year! You also nurtured his compassion for the less-fortunate and for our environment, and those are values that have stuck with him as he has grown.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that we bump into each other in town!

Warm regards,
Pam Izzo


July 12, 2012

To Whom it May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Anfang.  Ms. Anfang was my daughter Aneesha’s 4th grade teacher at Sea Crest School in Half Moon Bay.  She had a very good relationship with her students and parents and Aneesha had a very successful year under her guidance.
During Aneesha’s 5th grade year we discovered that she had a vision problem that was causing her great difficulty with her reading.  Her eyes were not tracking properly and she needed bifocals to correct her vision.  She attended approximately six months of vision therapy and her vision greatly improved.  At the end of 5th grade she was still reading below grade level due to the vision problems.  We engaged Ms. Anfang to tutor Aneesha over the summer to help her improve her reading and writing skills so that she would be prepared to enter middle school.  Due in large part to Aneesha’s work with Ms. Anfang she entered 6th grade reading well above grade level for the first time in her academic career.
Ms. Anfang continued to work with Aneesha through 6th and 7th grade.  Under Ms. Anfang’s tutelage Aneesha became a High Honors student.  She has excelled in her Language Arts class and has become a very good writer.  During 7th grade Aneesha managed all her schoolwork without assistance from me.  She consistently met her deadlines, prepared for tests and managed her schedule with Ms. Anfang’s guidance.  She has learned to self-advocate and develop timelines for major projects such as her science fair and history research paper. 
         I cannot recommend Ms. Anfang highly enough.  I would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have.

With kindest regards,

Carlean H. Gharpurey

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