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English as Second Language

I have taught many school age students and several adults to learn English, both individually and in small groups.
I am nearly fluent in Spanish, which is helpful for Level One students, although I try to use as little Spanish as possible to maximize English language mastery. I have worked with several couples from Mexico who had no English skills when we began working together. I consider teaching English as a Second Language a creative and important challenge. I use a combined approach which includes listening, speaking, explicit grammar instruction, reading, and writing to teach all aspects of the English language as well as idioms and colloquial speech. I supplement my ESL teaching with customized industry-appropriate vocabulary and I strive to present lessons in a culturally sensitive context that meshes a student’s culture of origin with his or her current community mores.

Helping students jump into conversation at the outset of learning a language is essential. Verbal exchange, a willingness to make mistakes and laugh at them, and lots of practice are key. For the reading strand, I use library books geared for adults who are learning English. There are many biographies, short stories and simplified novels as well as practical handbooks that work well with English language learners. Picture dictionaries, such as the Oxford series, are a wonderful resource for building specific and detailed vocabulary skills. Phonics and grammar lessons from the early elementary grades work well for teaching the basics of grammar, correct usage, and pronunciation. Listening to interactive CDs are a strong piece of the program for cementing correct pronunciation, usage, and practical conversations.

The benefits of a customized English language instruction program at the worksite are numerous. Learning sound English language skills is essential for good communication within your organization, happier and more productive workers, greater self-esteem and comfort level for employees, and an overall win-win relationship. I can prepare customized vocabulary lessons for your business or industry.

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